Thursday, 26 July 2012

777 Challenge

Today the gauntlet was thrown down by the illustrious Joe McCoubrey in the 777 challenge, what is it? I hear you ask. Well the challenge is, I have to choose 7 sentences from either page 7 or page 77 of a work in progress, before I pass it on to 7 other writers I admire. Currently I am working on the sequel to Homecoming Blues, titled Border Town blues. Also I am working on some short stories as well, I think Border will be my choice. The hardest part will be the 7 authors to pass it on to as I admire so many. So decisions, desisions.
Any way I shall worry about that later. Here are my sentence choices.

“You saw us and thought we might be a better bet.”
He pointed his fingers at me like a gun and clicked his tongue.

“He was no father of mine,” she spat.

“Let’s just say, I know good folks when I see them. The mutts you all took out were heavy duty shit kickers. This goes down well; I will have your crimes expunged and make you free again.”

 I knew a few of the horrors that would face us over the border. It was not a pretty place; corruption was rife from the top down. 

“How dangerous is this going to be?” Jamie asked while Deacon was at the counter, ordering coffees.
“There is a mole in my department, feeding info back to some of the Narco gang, that is why this is off the books,” he stood up and took off his jacket then loosened his tie.

“Ugh, even worse, we gonna get bit by rattlesnakes or eaten by dingoes.”

Well there you go my 7 from page 7, and now to choose who to pass the challenge on to.
Matt Hilton
Zoe Sharp
Ian Graham
Graham Smith
David Foster
David Barber
Michelle Wright
Okay gentlemen and ladies, it is over to you, have you got the chutzpah to accept the challenge and pass it on to others, we will see.
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