Thursday, 21 February 2013

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Jericho Blues has actually been about three years in the writing, or rather the idea of it has been. The story started out as something different, it was also the story that really pushed me into the writing game. It is said that everybody has a story in them, my story began to take shape when I was perusing conspiracy websites. I have always had an interest in UFOs, Area 51 and other such subjects. Don't get me wrong I'm not one of the tin foil hat wearing brigade or one of those who think the aliens are going to come and save us from ourselves, although part of me thinks if aliens are going to come here after the distances they would have to travel I don't thing their intentions would be altogether altruistic. I came across a site called Above Top Secret a kind of social network for all things conspiracy wise. I came across a story about a man called Andy Pero the site I was directed to was an account of a man who had been subjected to what was called Trauma Based Mind Control, resulting in turning him into some kind of super-soldier. All very science fiction, but as a story in itself I found it fascinating, and thought the details would make for a great novel. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a tale called Patient-X, a mind controlled Manchurian Candidate assassinates the president, the only problem was his programming had started to break down, he started to remember what had been done to him at a place called Camp Hero, a disused air force base in Montauk.

Camp Hero
The main character was Jason Cutter, he teams up with a bloke called Shaun Kane, a reporter, and together they go after the bad guys, uncovering a conspiracy involving aliens, time travel and other such stuff.
I drifted away from the story when I came to do my piece for Action Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 1. Moving on to my Jimmy Dalton stories, the book was put on the back burner, always at the back of my mind. I finished Border Town Blues, and now started working out the sequel to BTB.
Patient-X was still crying out to be written, so I sat back and thought, hey maybe P-X could be the third Dalton book. I would have to take out the alien, and time travel stuff but all the other stuff should fit. So, that's what I did, with a bit of jiggering, Patient-X morphed into Jericho Blues. Jason Cutter is still in and so is Shaun Kane, although he is now an Army Ranger who helps Dalton out of a particularly sticky situation.
I have even managed to keep in the first chapter of P-X, it is now the prologue.
Still a work in progress but will soon be finished and available from all good on-line stores, here is the basic blurb.

In Homecoming Blues he faced the London Underworld

In Border Town Blues he faced the Mexican Mafia and Al-Qaeda.

Now Dalton returns in his most explosive thriller yet!

The President is Dead and the organisation Dalton works for is all but wiped out.  Dalton and Jamie are on the run again, running from an elite group of families who have been controlling world events from behind the scenes for over a thousand years. The Council of 300 have stepped out of the shadows to wrap the world in a totalitarian grip.

Dalton and Jamie together with a rag tag army of misfits are the only ones standing between the Council and the death of freedom as we know it.

So, there you go, get yourselves ready for an explosive thriller of global proportions, to be published soon, tentative month of publication is April.

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