Friday, 19 April 2013


At last my novel Jericho blues has been released to the world, if you want to buy it you can find it here Jericho Blues(Amazon UK) and here is the link to Jericho Blues .
Just to refresh your memories here is the blurb.


In Homecoming Blues he faced the London Underworld.

In Border Town Blues he faced the Mexican Mafia and Al-Qaeda.
Now Dalton returns in his most explosive thriller yet!

Terrorists explode Bombs in several cities around the globe,
at the precise moment of detonation an assassin's bullet takes out the President
of the United States. In Virginia, a hit team attacks the headquarters of Unit,
the organisation Jimmy Dalton and Jamie Duggan are now working for, forcing
them to go on the run again, running from an elite group of families who have been
controlling world events, from behind the scenes, for over a thousand years.

The Council of 300 use the attacks to step out of the
shadows with a message of peace, and a hidden agenda, world depopulation, and
total domination.

Dalton and Jamie, together with a rag tag army of
misfits, are the only ones standing between the Council, and the death of freedom,
as we know it.

 From Washington to New York, and on to an explosive ending in the New San Francisco Ghetto, Jericho Blues takes you into a world under the oppressive boot of a heartless regime, who will stop at nothing to achieve their aim of world domination.

'Dalton is a bit like what Lee Child's Jack Reacher might be like if he was from a working class British background'

So there you go a quick update, go out and buy it, then I can go take a holiday and get refreshed after all the hard work which goes into this stuff. Oh, and here is a link to my Amazon page where all my books can be found. Amazon Author Page Anyway have a nice day/evening/night untill next time peace out.
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