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Well Jericho has been on sale for the last month and a half, and it has turned into a bit of a best seller compared to when I released the other books, don't ask me what I did different in terms of marketing it, because I did nothing different. A lady called Teresa Joseph Franklin (click on her name to go to her blog page} has done a fantastic review of Jericho, and I just wanted to share it with you here.

Written By Andrew Scorah
A 5***** REVIEW
Terrorist threats from foreign aliens that could upset the whole of the United States. And then Martial Law is to be established to protect the country for an indefinite duration ensuring that all of its citizens and there properties be protected, any undesirable will be brought into custody for questioning, all the citizens are being asked not to be afraid of being rounded up and to comply with the issuing Executive Order 903813, titled Emergency Defense Procedures and Allocation of Interim Authority Martial Law. This to me sounds and feels heavy but not heavy handed who in their right mind and position would be expecting their president, prime minister to be doing everything humanly possible to protect them?
The number one priority of this government is to safeguard the interests of the country, and its citizens, and any threat from foreign or domestic terrorism will be dealt with to the full force of our powers.
I can only say at this stage that Andrew Scorah has me hooked right from the beginning of the first chapter and I have not stopped reading and re-reading just in case that I have missed an action somewhere, it is fast paced, you’ll want to go back to make sure that what you have read is REAL, IT IS HAPPENING just like a movie. You’ll not want to leave your seat or make that cup of coffee or tea.
It’s raw, rough, tough, but for whatever reason the government was rounding up citizens from across small townships, they are all left stunned, shocked, battered and bruised and their homes lost for always. But I will let you read Jericho Blues to find out why. And who and what had assassinated the president of the USA.
“We need to find out what is happening,” I said as I turned on the radio. I dialled through the frequencies, but all I got was static, or a tone similar to what you get when you dial a disconnected number.
So far it seems that the country is in disarray, more like martial law enforcement where no one or anything is exempt from the break-down of Statute Law that is set by the House of Senators, this is Military Law at its worst or best? Only you the reader can decide.
Six black clad bodies, armed with Heckler and Koch machine pistols. They moved, silent, bent legged up the road. As if by some unspoken signal, four split from the group. Two were going to the left of the house, the others to the right. Once again we had a professional hit team coming for us. The remaining four moved around the van. I had to time this right. I edged over so I could see them better. They were mugs, not one paid any attention to the Van. In a combat situation, never assume, assume makes an ass out of you and me; I had the phrase drilled into me so many times; it became a mantra to put me to sleep at night.
One of the assassins pulled a gas grenade from his utility belt and pulled the pin. Now the time was right. I put a round in his ankle, half blowing off his booted foot. He collapsed, dropping the grenade.
When I read this passage from Jericho Blues I was on the brink of taking a break but Andrew kept me right where I am sat now! I wanted to know what the heck was going on. You get drawn into intrigue and mystery as to why Martial Law has been imposed on a Nation yet here it seems that even Martial Law has broken down. There are renegade factions within the Military with their own laws and lawlessness on the innocent citizens and military personnel, and it is getting REAL personal. The next thing you know there is an announcement from the White House and the President Lecompte
 People of the United States of America, it is with great sorrow I stand before you today, making this, my first address to you. I have only just learned an evil has befallen the city of San Francisco. Despite all our efforts to safeguard you the people, terrorists have detonated several dirty bombs. The death toll is massive, and for all purposes, the city has been wiped off the map. The resulting explosions triggered a failing of the San Andreas Fault; earthquakes have been widespread and continuing, hampering the efforts of emergency responders.
Reports are also coming in of dirty bomb explosions in several other cities around the globe. Notably Manchester, England, Paris France, Sydney, Australia and Moscow. So far, no one has claimed responsibility, but all intelligence is focused on finding these monsters.
This is a colossal misfortune to befall our country, and the world, ever. However, be forewarned; our anger at these atrocities is biblical. The perpetrators and those who give them their orders will be hunted down like dogs. We are now on a war footing, and as such hard decisions will have to be made, law-abiding citizens will have nothing to fear. Those who pose a threat to our way of life I give you this message, run, because we are coming for you. There is no place for you to hide, we will find you, and have our justice.
Whatever you do when you get to this part of the book DO NOT go and make a meal (call for a takeaway instead) you will not want to leave this part at all. This is where all the action starts. How on earth did this get to the stage of it affecting the World as a whole? What went wrong? Who went wrong? How on earth did the fractions cause so much devastation, destruction wiping out San Francisco’s City and causing the bomb to go off on the infamous San Andreas Fault? Earthquakes, Andrew draws you in and at times you can only imagine what and how such things could and can happen. Do not leave your seat or go to sleep yet! It’s not over yet!
Dirty bombs, dirty tricks it’s all here within the covers of Jericho Blues
Sleep depuration, hunger, battling against the wounds of battle
“We are known as the Council of Three Hundred, and if all goes well you are going to be President of the United States after the next elections.”
“What would you say if I told you, life is an illusion Michael?”
Is life an illusion? Are we all living a life of dreams, fantasies? Is life truthful? Are we being deceived by those that we trust the most? Who is trying to impress upon us the truth or lies, cheating and deceitfulness? Is the Council of Three Hundred like the corrupted or are just painting pretty picture of a better world? Read on Andrew had me hooked
Who is the Council of Three Hundred? What do they do? What do they want of Michael? Besides being the next President of the United States of America, how does this organisation affect the world as a whole? Will and do they influence the political face of the world? Would it be one party that rules dismissing democratic polling? Fixed voting? Can this create further political unrest, citizens demonstrating against the one party system without choice and losing their Human Rights?
Read on further, further, deeper and deeper the plots thicken and you wonder when and where it will all end
Can the Leaders of the Free World come together as one and face all the issues that are dominant and dominating and not plunge us into a Third World State? Only time will and can tell of the outcome with their extension, exhausted talks.
Andrew’s Jericho Blues is an awesome read
I am going to leave the rest up to you to read at your leisure and pleasure
Andrew this novel has my 5*****’s not only for content, but also for keeping me glued and having read it twice and I am positive that I am coming back for more in the very near future. And I am also looking forward to your follow up to Jericho Blues too.

Below is the link that takes you to Andrew Scorah novels they are a must purchase whether it be kindle or paperback edition he has not left anything out of either
All of you out there who have not got your copy, hop over to Amazon and grab one so I can go and buy some posh coffee.
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